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Tots' Coop Yearly Raffle 

Image by Julia Morales

Please support TOTS' by purchasing a raffle or donating an item!

Annual Events
Below is a list of some of the events we have throughout the year at our school. If a parent has an idea for an activity, please let us know!


  • Fire Truck Visit

  • Baby animals - All kinds of baby animals, including the highlight, baby bunnies, are brought to the school for the children to pet.

  • Dave the Animal Man - Dave Marchetti visits with various animals for the children to see and hold…including snakes and turtles!

  • Visit to Coggeshall Farm in Bristol

  • Holiday parties

  • Save The Bay

  • PJs and Pancake Day

  • MDA Hop-A-Thon

  • Field trips - Some past field trips have included visits to the airport and a nature hike.

Monthly Events

Every month we hold monthly events for parents. Parents are not required to attend each month, but it is strongly encouraged.

  • Parent meetings

  • Board meetings (for parent volunteer board members)

  • Parent helper day at the school

  • Fall clean up

  • Spring clean up

  • Help with fundraisers


As a non-profit, Tots' Cooperative relies on various fundraisers throughout the year.  These fundraisers include:

  • Yankee Candle Sale

  • Restaurant “fun”raisers - People are encouraged to visit a particular restaurant on our fundraising night and up to 20% of the profits   from the bill go towards Tots’.

  • Holiday wreath sale

  • Original Works - Your child designs artwork and you can purchase tote bags, mugs, cards, etc. with their artwork and photo on them.

  • CVS 5K

  • Craft Fair

  • Yard sale - This is our largest fundraiser of the year and any help with donations and time is much appreciated!

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