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About Us

Rhode Island Preschool,

Parents Can Share in the Preschool Experience

Play guitar, juggle or tell jokes? You'll have a wide-eyed audience at Tots' Cooperative.

Since 1958, Tots' Cooperative Nursery School has provided parents, grandparents and caregivers the opportunity to play an integral role in each child's education, in and out of the classroom. With today's busy schedules, the chance to see your child in their peer environment and help share your skills and passions with the receptive minds of preschoolers is a precious opportunity.


Since work and family obligations vary, parents and caregivers not available to volunteer in the class room have a variety of other opportunities to remain involved in their children's education. From board positions and fundraising to field trips and playground clean up, parents get the job done, make the decisions  and guide the school! 

The Cooperative model benefits students because...

  • ​School is special when a parent is there to share it.

  • Children develop a positive attitude towards school.

  • Children see the value their parents place on education.

  • School is more easily extended beyond the classroom, leading to a lifelong habit of learning.

  • Children develop an increased sense of pride and self-esteem when they are the helper and get to show off their parent.

  • Children enjoy friendly adults who accept each child in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Cooperative model provides parents...

  • Education in child development and parenting skills in the classroom and at parent meetings.

  • A support network in the good and the challenging times in parenting, from others in similar situations.

  • A group of friends with the same priorities and concerns.

  • A chance to observe your child and their peers in a group setting.

  • The opportunity to showcase hidden talents and contribute your abilities.

  • Participation in all aspects of your child's education.

  • A voice in the school decisions and policy making.

  • Seamless communication with teachers.

  • A chance to learn to effectively advocate on behalf of your child.


We enroll students who turn 3 by December 31st of the year they start, until they are ready for Kindergarten--usually at 5 years of age.



Our child-to-teacher ratio is exceptional. There are usually no more than 15 children per class and we have two wonderful teachers.


Tots' Cooperative is approved by the Rhode Island Department of Children Youth & Families, and our caring teachers both hold degrees in education.



It is important to note that Tots' Cooperative is a pre-school and not equipped as a day-care facility. All children attending Tots' are required to be potty trained.

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